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SuperAverage is a light-hearted one-page TTRPG, with themes of perceptions and expectations. You play as a group of rejected "heroes" who have powers that are viewed by others as mundane or useless. But now, something has happened that means that none of the "proper" heroes are available to help. With a new disaster imminent, will you - a group of rejects and underdogs - be able to save the day, despite what everyone thinks about you?

I created this game as part of an attempt to break away from my usual approach to tabletop gaming. Having always been considered a STEM person first and foremost, it became almost automatic for me to play games in very serious and rules-focused ways. For that reason, I wanted this game to be silly, and to prioritise imagination, fun, and laughter. It also completely abandons numerical character stats, and instead focuses on the players' ideas and free-form storytelling. This game is my love letter to creativity, and to the rule of cool.


Accessibility features include:

  • PDF navigation tools, eg. bookmarks
  • Dice-rolling system that doesn't require numerical dice
  • Accessible version, with larger text and OpenDyslexic v2 font
  • Editable version, so you can change the layout/style to suit your needs

Special thanks

  • My friends, for their support & proofreading
  • Klara, for all the conversations and advice, & the inspiration for the rule of cool mechanic
  • Jazlen Mason (@megaangrycloud), for creating the wonderful art
  • Jennifer Kretchmer, for consulting on the project


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SuperAverage v1.0.1 (Stylised PDF) 6 MB
SuperAverage v1.0.1 (Accessible PDF) 6 MB
SuperAverage v1.0.1 (Accessible, Editable ODF) 6 MB

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